Ray S. Gilmore, is a native of the Mt Washington Valley, a graduate of Kennett High School (1996), The University of Vermont/ROTC (2001), Webster University (2006), and White Mountain Community College (2010).

Ray was commissioned in the US Army, Corps of Engineers on August 3, 2001. During his military career, he successfully complete the Engineers Officer Basic & Career courses obtaining a Master’s in Public Administration in 2006. Ray successfully graduated from Ranger School, as well as the Sapper Leader Course, the Combat Advisor’s Course, Airborne and Mountain Warfare Schools, between multiple tours in Afghanistan.

As a 2003 "Grizzly Award" finalist, Ray was given his choice of assignments, and requested the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, NY. Ray chose the 10th, because of the legacy of WW2 10th Mountain Soldiers, who he knew as a child on the slopes of Cranmore.

In 2007, while serving his 2nd Tour in Afghanistan, Ray sustained a back injury that forced his retirement at the rank of Captain.

Ray subsequently returned to the Mount Washington Valley, and built his “forever home” where he resides with his wife Cassie and their 5 children.

Valley Vision Debate - October 28, 2020

On Wednesday, October 28th, the two candidates for Carroll-1 sat down for a debate, moderated by Jim Lefevbre.

The Conway Daily Sun described the debate as "Civil" and as an "Example" for our national candidates.

The two candidates agreed on most issues, their differences arose regarding how to achieve those mutual goals.

The Gilmore - Burroughs Difference

October 28, 2020

Elections, by nature, are about differences; and as my opponent and I displayed last Thursday, it is possible to express our differences in a respectful manner.

At the same time, the purpose of a campaign, is to highlight those differences.

Over the past week, two clear differences between us have come to light through our answers at the debate and letters to the editor.

My opponent voted twice, to take a 0.5% "Premium" from your wages each week; but does not believe that this is a tax on your income.

I believe that if the government takes your money, from your paycheck, then that is an income tax.

We agree on the need to protect families and individuals in times of medical emergencies; but we disagree on the mechanism to achieve this goal.

Her support of "Donor Towns" is our second difference. I will fight to keep our tax dollars local.

The Choice is yours, and the differences are clear.

Why am I running for State Representative?

"Challenges arise in life.

Problems are challenges, that we are not ready for.

As a proven leader, I will make sure that I take those Challenges; and turn them in to opportunity for growth, and opportunity for change."

Ray S. Gilmore

18 August 2020

The Gibson Center, 5-Minute Forum

WHAT do I stand for…?

I am a proven leader, in the most austere environments imaginable. I stand for Values based L.D.R.S.H.I.P.

To me, L.D.R.S.H.I.P. is not just a word, it is a way of life.


My Loyalty does not lie with a party. My allegiance is to the U.S. Constitution, the state of NH, and the residents of Jackson, Bartlett, and Hart’s Location


My oath never expired; and as such I feel that I have a duty to try and fill the void that "The Greatest Generation" has left behind. America was great, because they made it that way; to them, it was more than a slogan.

Now, it is up to us, the next generation, to step forward, enter the arena, and be the leaders that our state and nation needs us to be.

We have Obligations to our Families, our Communities, our State, and our Nation, not to political parties, not to national candidates.

Our Duty must be to serve the people, not political ideologies.


Treat ALL people as they should be treated.

Stereotyping individuals based upon race, color, creed, gender, orientation, or any other discriminatory category is wrong.

It is just as wrong to paint people of a specific party with a single brush; we are all different.

We must take the high road, and avoid the trappings of tribalism, that come far too easy. Tribalism creates conflict and only serves a party agenda, not the people.

We must do Better, and show respect for all people, not just the ones we agree with, and not just the ones who look like us.

Selfless Service

We must put the welfare of our neighbors, our State, and the nation before our own, and always before a political party, or ideology.

I have lived a life of service; from the relative safety of being a tutor and a coach, to volunteering on the ambulance, to serving in combat zones.

Selfless Service is more than a buzz word to me, it is a way of life.


Honor comes from living a life, in accordance with your values. I am sharing what my values are, so that you can hold me to them, no and forever.


We must always strive to do what is right, legally, and morally; at all times, especially when no one is looking.

We must hold others accountable, as well as ourselves, and choose the “Hard Right” over the “Easy Wrong”.

Never ask someone, to do something that you are not willing to do yourself.

Avoid hypocrisy, set the example for others to follow.

The days of “Do as I say, Not as I Do” must come to an end.

Personal Courage

Overcome your personal fears, barriers, and challenges, in spite of the risk to your health, wealth, or reputation.

Courage under fire is easy. Standing up for what is right, and standing against one’s party, family, or social group, those are some of the hardest stands to take.

I have never been one to bow to peer pressure or a party, and I never will be.

Gibson Center 5-Minute Forum

October 13, 2020

Valley Vision Interview - October 7, 2020

I spent an hour today, speaking with James Lefebvre about who I am, why am I running, what committees am I interested in, and some of the 3rd Rail Topics, that too many people shy away from.

Thank you to Valley Vision, and James for not pulling any punches.

If you want a glimpse into who I am and where I stand, sit down for an hour, and watch.

The MWV Housing Crisis

The MWV housing crisis is driven by a lack of inventory.


(Issue-A) How do we incentivise owners to rent Long Term, vs Short Term?

☆(Recommendation-1) We Return a Balance to the Owner Tenant relationship, to allow the owner to protect their investment.

☆(Recommendation-2) Define "Short Term Rental" at the state level; and adjust the tax rate.

☆(Recommendation-3) The Truckee Solution:

-3 Strikes your out for breaking the rules-Strict and sensible occupancy limits (maximum 2 people per bedroom)-Limiting Short Term Rentals in areas that are 100% zoned residential.-Parking; limit the number of vehicles to what fit in the driveway-Safety/fire inspections annually (paid for by property owner)-Strict 'quiet hours'-Annual permit required-Taxed at a higher rater than hotels-A portion of their taxes goes directly to affordable housing


(Issue-B) Construction Costs, have almost doubled in 7-years.

☆(Discussion-1) Construction is booming, and wait times are months out.

☆(Discussion-2) The cost of Materials, have sky rocketed, due to COVID & Tariffs.

☆(Recommendation) This needs to be addressed at a federal level, by working with NH's Delegation in Washington.


(Issue-C) Land Availability

☆(Discussion) Land is locked into Common Use, Preserves & Reserves; which are taxed at lower rates. to release these lands, back taxes must be paid, and they can be enormous.

☆(Recommendation-1) Find ways to release these lands for development of Affordable Housing.


(Issue-D) Local Zoning

☆(Discussion-1) Local zoning laws are old, and more restrictive than the state requires. some of this is environmental due to old septic designs, that were inefficient.

☆(Discussion-2) Most zoning laws, are by design to prevent the valley from packing in too tightly.

☆(Recommendation-1) We need to petition the local leaders, selectmen, zoning boards, and planning boards, to reassess these local zoning rules.


(Issue-E) The Real Estate Market

☆(Discussion-1) Out of town clients are buying homes, site unseen for tens of thousands of dollars, over asking price. This boxes out locals, and drives up appraisal values which raises taxes.

☆(Discussion-2) Houses are disappearing in less than 3-weeks. Buyers need to have cash in hand to be able to compete.


(Issue-F) N.I.M.B.Y. and misconceptions around "Affordable Housing" & "Workforce Housing"

☆(Discussion-1) Residents balk, when they hear "Affordable Housing" and automatically equate it to slums.

☆(Recommendation-1) This is a falsehood, that we need to correct, through education and open discussions in our community.


(Conclusion) The lack of affordable housing for the work force, is the biggest barrier to economic growth, in our region of NH.

There are actions we can take to address this, but there is No Silver Bullet.

Complex Challenges require multifocal, collaborative solutions; not Republican or Democrat solutions, but NH Solutions.

League of Woman Voters - Candidate Forum

October 6, 2020

On Tuesday October 6th, the Mount Washington Valley Chapter, of the League of Woman Voters attempted to host a candidate forum.

This forum was hacked, and bombed by a group of miscreants, who swore at the hosts, and took over the screen, posting pornography; they had White Power & Nazi flags as their background, and forced the organizers to shut down the event.

These bad actors, represent the worst of America, and there is no room for this type of behavior in our nation.

I denounce any group that seeks to harm, harass, or intimidate any American based upon gender, race, creed, color or other discriminatory category; and that is what this group did tonight.

We will do this again.

Our voices will be heard.

These derelicts will not win!

If you have questions regarding the League of Women Voter's Candidate forum, please contact sbkovalik@gmail.com; or glenstormy210@gmail.com or darlenemcenaney@gmail.com

For questions contact: Sheryl Kovalik 603-662-7455

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