Gibson Center's

5-Minute Forum

August 18, 2020.

Who Am I?

- Local- Father- Husband- Veteran- Community Leader
Why am I running for State Representative?
- Because I am tired of the division and partisan politics, that have leaked into NH politics.
- We are one of the largest legislative bodies in the world; we must represent the people of our state; NOT a national agenda.
- We need New Hampshire Solutions to NH Challenges.
It is time to turn challenges in to opportunities, and eliminate the problems that have grown from division and partisan politics.
My name is Ray S. Gilmore.
I am running for State Representative of Carroll-1 ( Bartlett, Jackson, and Hart's Location)
And I would like your support.
For more information, please visit

I am a Father

We have 5 Children, 4 of which are school aged this year. Spread between Pre-K, 3rd, 5th and 7th grades at the Josiah Bartlett Elementary School. They are my primary focus in life and always will be.

Family Comes First

I am a Husband

From the Top of Mount Washington, Across Oceans, Through Combat Deployments, Injuries, Illnesses and more.

Marriage is not easy, and relationships are hard. They require work, to make them work.

Cassie and I have put in that work, and we have been blessed for it.

We pride ourselves in the life we have built.

I am a Veteran, Who Helps Veterans

After graduation from the University of Vermont (UVM), I was commissioned into the US Army.

Less than 40 days later, the world changed, when The Towers came crashing down.

I spent the ensuing years in South Korea, Afghanistan, New York, Missouri and Kansas; assigned to historic units like the 10th Mountain Division, The Big Red One, and 2ID. From "Platoon Leader" to "Combat Advisor", I excelled. I was an Airborne School Honor Graduate, Ranger and Sapper Qualified, Captain with a Master's degree in Public Administration through the US Army Corps of Engineers. I was consistently ranked at the top of my classes and assigned duties well above my grade, until I was injured in 2007 in Afghanistan.

Since then, I have refocused my efforts on healing my body, and helping other Veterans, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and EMT's do the same.

For more information, about how you can Help see the link below.

I am a Community Leader

I have served on multiple boards and volunteered for a number of causes and organizations across the valley, since we returned to raise our family, in 2008. From youth sports, to historical preservation, and environmental conservation.

But, the cause that is dearest to my heart, is Suicide Prevention, especially among the veteran community. I was directly affected by this in 2013, and it helped to reshape my focus. I have spoken out and filmed commercials about it, in an effort to change the stigma surrounding Mental Health, and to encourage help seeking behaviors.

But, these are only the first steps. We need to tighten our existing networks, to help our friends, family and neighbors; even more so now, than ever before. The fall out from the virus, will go much deeper than our economy and direct hospital admissions.

I had the "Greatest" Teachers

The greatest gift I received from 14 Years with the New England Ski Museum's Hannes Schneider Meister Cup Committee, was the friendship of the World War Two Veterans. Especially Dick Calvert.


Surrender is not a Ranger word

6 Surgeries and Procedures in 7-years; have failed to hold us back.

They have Redirected me, and forced me to refocus my efforts; but I always "Press On".

Calvin Coolidge once said "The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."

I agree with that.

I Enjoy Skiing with my Family and Friends

I Believe in Conservation, Because the Next Generation, Should Get to Do This.